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During the 1980's, a fad known as “Namennayo Neko” (or “Nameneko” for short) swept across Japan. It revolved around photos of cats dressed as juvenile delinquents. In Japanese, “neko” means “cat”, while “namennayo” can mean either “Don’t lick me” or... “Don’t mess with me / Don't f*ck with me"!


31 MARCH 2017

Well, it's been about two years since I last did a major update of this site... so I thought it was only appropriate to not only add some new pages and update others, but to give the whole site a thorough 'makeover'!

It is still a 'work in progress', and will take some time to complete and standardize the 'new look' across the whole site, but already I think the whole look and general 'feel' of the site is very much improved... I hope you do to!

Expect a MAJOR update to the site in the first week of May... :)